The Best Android Keyloggers 2022 (Remote, Undetectable, and No-Root)

Do you know your actions are being watched upon even when you are alone? Did you know your smart devices can invade your privacy?

With the world full of advancements in all sectors, technology is a vast sector of rapid developments. And as such, tech-savvy people are aware of the keylogging features that various spy apps offer. An excellent example of such an app is the Nexspy app.


Now, while keylogging can sound like illegal activity, the reality has it differently. There is a thin line between legitimate and illegitimate keylogging or spying activities. While not everyone is aware of this difference, some commit it as a crime for indifferent reasons.

However, we’re sure you are here to check out the other side. So, when several people consider the entire concept of tracking your keystroke offensive and illegal, there are some like you with valid reasons for their usage. Why though? We’ll learn that in about a few minutes.

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What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger or a keystroke logger is a monitoring system that enables you to maintain surveillance to record each keystroke on a specified keyboard-associated device. You can use a keylogger on your iPhone or Android devices.

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Typically, cybercriminals use keyloggers to steal personally identifiable information, login credentials, or sensitive enterprise data. 


Other legal yet spy-natured activities of an Android spy app may be useful via their keylogging features. These features help keep a check on employees’ activities, children’s internet usage, unauthorized activities. In extreme cases, law enforcement agencies may record your keystrokes to analyze incidents that involve computer use.

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Cases for Keylogger App Usage

Various causes may be valid for the use of keylogger apps. Before resorting to taking up such keylogging activities, you should be aware of the legal concerns, whether they’re morally questionable or criminal. Here are four factors to note before moving ahead:

  • Degree of Consent: Be specific about the nature of consent, whether it is a clear and direct one, or permission obscured in a list of terms of service, or if there is even consent at all.
  • Goals of the Keystroke Logging: You should ensure if the user’s data is to stolen for legit purposes or criminal uses.
  • Ownership of the Product Being Monitored: Ensure if the owner or device manufacturer uses the keylogger to monitor.
  • Location-Based Laws on Keylogger Use: Ensure if the keylogger is used with intent and consent following all the governing laws.

But Not All Keylogging Uses Are Illegal!

It is quite human of you to think that all keylogging uses are illegal. However, that is not entirely true!

Keyloggers also have legitimate, useful applications. For instance, IT departments can use them for troubleshooting problems and systems. Or, a company’s owner may use them to track their employees’ activities.

Moreover, cybersecurity cells can use it for security purposes like saving teens from the online scams of human trafficking rackets. Additionally, crime investigators may use it to conclude a case.

Even personally, you may use the keylogging features to check on your children’s activities on the browser. Additionally, there are legal use cases of keyloggers on Android devices.

Keylogging is only malicious when you intend to apply it to illegal purposes. In simple words, using keyloggers is legal when you install in on your own device. If the one who owns the device is unaware of the keystroke tracking activities on their phone, it is deemed illegal.


Keylogger Uses

Legal or illegal, there are several purposes for using keyloggers. Some of them begin at home when you apply the keylogging trackers on your family members for security purposes. The most common keylogger uses are:

  • For IT purposes: Troubleshooting the problems and system during emergencies becomes quite easy when you have a keylogger facility to your access.
  • For kids: Tracking your kid’s internet activities while also linking the keylogger to geofencing features to save them from potential mishaps as dangerous as kidnapping.
  • For spouse: Tracking your spouse’s online behavioral activities to act on your gut about them being unfaithful to you or having secrets from you.
  • For employees: Tracking your employees’ work on the internet or the computer to save time while keeping a close check on your staff to ensure their optimum performance quality. 

How to Choose the Best Keylogger for Android Devices

There are certain criteria to be particular of when choosing the best keylogger Android devices are compatible with. Here are the criteria to follow:

Keystroke Tracking Features

Besides other monitoring functions, the app must be specialized to record the keystrokes correctly. You should be able to ensure that the keystrokes are instantly uploaded and displayable by you. Besides having a constant internet connection, you should also ensure that the app is compatible with Cloud so that you can easily access the dashboard data remotely.


Additional Features

Although you may install the keylogger app for recording keystrokes primarily, there’s no harm in getting additional features that act as a bonus. Also, ensure that the keystroke features work efficiently for all sorts of platforms on the target’s Android device. 

The app must be compatible with tracking the details in social networking apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, and more. It should also record the login credentials of the various online platforms.

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Ease of Use

Who prefers the complex user interface of apps? No one does, not even the tech-savvy people. So, ensure that the app has a simple and easy user interface like that of Nexspy. 

Also, it would be a bonus to have the installation bit of the application easy for you to get started smoothly.

Stealth Mode

A primary requirement of opting for keyloggers is to keep the identity of the one monitoring the activities hidden. This way, they can track all the desired activities without letting the target know.


That is why being undetectable is essential. You should, therefore, ensure that the app works in stealth mode at all times.

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You cannot burn a hole in your pocket for the sake of spying activities. Various keyloggers offer an array of features in exchange for a premium membership with them.

This premium membership provides you with more features and bonuses for using the keylogger for a longer period.

For this, you should ensure the essential features that you require and, accordingly, look for a keylogging app that enables those features within your budget. Make sure that the price you pay is for the right purposes.

Best Keyloggers for Android and iPhone

While there are many keyloggers out there, it becomes quite overwhelming to choose the best one that fulfills your requirements. Keeping your best interests in mind, we have gathered a list of the best undetectable keylogger for Android. Each of these also works excellently as a keylogger for iPhone. 

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Nexspy is one of the best mobile spy apps or a monitoring apps that is free to use and has a simple user interface, making it convenient to use it. The app’s keylogger feature makes the app the best free keylogger for Android devices and iPhone users.


You can put the Android soy app to various monitoring activities. Nexspy offers a wide spectrum of features that makes it the one-stop solution for your spying requirements.


For the fact that keylogging is typically meant for tracking the keystrokes of your child’s or spouse’s internet activity, you’ll be glad to learn the features of this keylogger.

  • Records all the keystrokes in all types of platforms on the target device.
  • Records the history of call logs along with the deleted text messages.
  • Records the keystrokes while typing the various login credentials for different platforms.
  • Views the date and time of the keystroke record.
  • Tracks the keystrokes of your employees at work.
  • Notifies you with specific keyword alerts to warn you about any suspicious activities on the target device.
  • Tracks the keystrokes while typing messages on Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, etc.
  • Works in Stealth Mode.
NEXSPY dashboard 1

Nexspy is pretty simple to install and use. You have the option of purchasing its subscription plans to access the premium features. Subscribing to its premium features will enable you to apply more keylogging facilities. Additionally, a free trial version allows you to test the keylogger yourself to your satisfaction.

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  • Easy to use
  • Works in Stealth Mode
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Compatible with both Android devices and iPhone


  • Compatible with higher Android and iOS versions only


Spyine is a newly launch keylogger which is good to use to acquire the required information on the target’s device. The best feature about Spyine is its dashboard access. It can work in hidden mode and also notify you of any prohibited site access on the target’s device.



Minspy is a secure keylogger that works in stealth mode and gives you access to all the data on the target device. You can use the app to record the keystrokes on the target device, clipboard monitoring, or application logs.

Moreover, the app also captures screenshots of the recorded data of the target device. Additionally, you can access the login credentials of the target device too.


Spyic is a spy app with keylogger features that enables you with a wide array of spying features. You can view the text messages, call logs, browsing history, social apps, and much more. The app also features a geofence alert.


With a constant internet connection, the app can upload the latest information of the target phone on its dashboard.

How to Use Keylogger

Using keyloggers is pretty straightforward. For instance, you can use the Nexspy keylogger in three easy and simple steps as follows:

  • Subscribe to A Plan (Trial or Premium): Purchase your desired plan and get all the license details mailed to you.
  • Install the App: Go to the Play Store (App Store for iOS devices), download the app, and install it on the target device.
  • View the Data: Once set up, the keylogger will record the data and upload it on its dashboard. You can access the data by viewing it on your Cloud Portal.

How to Install A Keylogger 

It is quite straightforward to install a keylogger. But you need to jailbreak and gain access to the target device before moving ahead with the installation and usage of the keylogger.


Step 1: Download and then install the NEXSPY Keylogger App

Once done, visit the official website of Nexspy to get yourself registered for a license. The process requires your details, and you will receive your license registration details via email. 

Step 2: Configure the Android Device You’re Targetting

Once you install the app on the target device, log into your account and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the target device.

Step 3: Remotely Monitor or View Keystrokes on the Online Dashboard

After configuring the target device, the icon will disappear from the target device. Then, it starts working as a remote keylogger for Android in the Stealth Mode. It will record the keystrokes, and you can view them on the online dashboard remotely.

NEXSPY dashboard

End Notes

Keylogging is a sensitive task applied to reach the finale of any situation. For instance, you use keyloggers to check if your children are not subjected to any online scam and are safe. 

As far as legal matters are concerned, it is not against the law unless you perform any malicious activities. 

From the list of keyloggers, our experts have found the Nexspy app to work to the highest of its standard while delivering quality results in recording the data of the target device. It is efficient and highly reliable for its top-notch features.

Besides, there are several other apps as well. Make sure to conduct detailed research before selecting the best Android keylogger for yourself.


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