5 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android In 2021

Android is proven to be the best mobile operating system with almost 80% of the market share. Its flexibility and affordability are the main advantages of Android which makes it more preferable than the iOS system.

Due to its high affordability and easier access, most kids use smartphones these days. As they would not be aware of cyber attacks and various other dangers of it. Social media apps expose kids to explore new friends and have contact with strangers, which is like an endless world.


Parental control plays a major role in handling such issues. It is important for the parents to know what the kids are working with their devices. For such purposes, there are spy apps available for Android. Here are a few spy apps for Android that you can try for free.

Best free hidden spy apps for Android


It is known to be the best monitoring software for mobiles, computers, and tablets that allow parents to monitor their child’s text messages, calls, GPS location, media, web history, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more.

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NEXSPY is used for operations like Android monitoring, iOS monitoring, and computer monitoring. NEXSPY is easy to install and easier to use as well. All you need to do is get the license for accessing it, install the app on the target device and activate it.


The explanation about each step of the process is done. Using this app, you can gain access to call logs, pictures and videos, web activity, keylogger, messages, GPS location, social media usage and inbox, and every app usage on the Android device. This is a free spy app for Android undetectable.


This is another spy app for Android that is undetectable. It is a phone tracker that tracks SMS, call history, audios, photos, location information, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, internet activity, calendar, and contacts.

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This app ensures that the spying remains completely invisible to the users of the target device. Invisibility feature allows us to stay completely hidden from the user, ensuring that you get the most accurate information.

You can read text messages from another phone without them knowing. The best part is it records every single incoming and outgoing call. Apart from this, you can get access to social media information like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber and many more.


One of the most attracting features is its ability to locate the present location of the target device. It also has the capability of accessing the front camera through which we can see everything that is happening around. This mechanism occurs whenever a user unlocks their phone.

Another attracting feature is that this app never lets you go off the track even if the sim is unmounted from the phone. This app enables access to five devices simultaneously.

Many other features such as web history, to-do lists, contacts list, Android screenshots, and Snapchat spy. This is the most recommended app suitable for spying all sorts of data. It can be installed for Android and iOS as well.


This is another best spy app for android without access to target phone. This is available to all for free with lots of attractive and needed features. This is an undetectable Android spy app. It contains professional features that are very easy to use. This app may require basic computer knowledge.


It is best suitable for tracking information on social media. Its main features and advantages are to spy on WhatsApp, no root or jailbreak need and it is untraceable. It is completely compatible with Android and iOS.

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It is said to be one of the best Android spy apps found. It is mostly recommended for parenting control.  Its main features are its easier access to call logs, messages, location and many more.

Spying using mSpy is completely undetectable. The advantage is that it can be easily used to detect all the messages on social media.


It is equipped with keylogger features where it is a feature in which it enables us to know what each of them is actually typing. It acts as a screen mirroring. However, call recording, ambient recording, and secret camera spying are not available.

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It is an undetectable Android spy and is known to be the top monitoring tools available. It works the same way as the other apps and is specifically designed for Android users. Its main advantage is faster and easier remote access to information.



All of the above-mentioned apps are the best spy apps for iPhone and Android and used for parental control and employee monitoring purposes.

Company owners may definitely need access to these as most of the information is to be kept confidential and not to be leaked to other competing enterprises.

In order to prevent such dangerous harm to their company, it is used to monitor the status of all employees and ensure that their company is safe. These are the two main applications of why spy apps are available.

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Choosing the spy app according to your requirements has to be carefully chosen. These are mainly created to keep people away from causing harm to themselves or to others in any way.

The general term lying on this spy apps is called cell phone surveillance. It involves the concept of tracking, bugging, monitoring, interception, and recording of conversations and text messages.

It also encompasses the movement of people, captures pictures of who tries to unlock. It is also used to spy your own phone just to keep it and all the information in it, safe.

Among all the above-mentioned spy apps, NEXSPY and Hoverwatch are said to be the best spy apps for Android. They can be used to self-spy, parental spy as well as employee spy and also consist of a wide variety of features that are helpful and available as per different requirements.

Among the three of the applications parental control or spying on children is the most used and required field. According to your needs, choose the best spy app for your android.


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