NEXSPY Review for 2021 – Should you use NEXSPY?

One of the necessities when it comes to technology remains our smartphones. It connects us to the world and has made life a lot easier than before.

But apart from the uses, it is a fact that there are certain downsides as well. Especially children face distractions and children that are not supervised well, can go very wrong with the internet today.


People also have some important information and data saved on their phones and unauthorized usage might occur if it goes in the wrong hands.

So for dealing with these bad effects of technology, spying software can be used. These will be regulating and monitoring the smartphones of your children as well as employees.

Today we shall be giving you our NEXSPY reviews that is one of the best mobile spy apps.

NEXSPY reviews: What is it?

This is spying app that enables the tracking of the target phone. This software helps to know the current location of the target device that has the app installed on it.


This makes location tracking easy and in case you have children, it will be helpful to observe the whereabouts. Another advantage is that in case the phone gets lost, one will also be able to track the closest location.

NEXSPY compatibility

The software is completely compatible with the devices that work in-compatibility with the operating system of Android, iOs, Mac and Windows PC as well.

NEXSPY installation

The software installation is very easy. This can be completed in three simple steps. You have to first sign up for a free trial by entering your email id with password. Then the app has to be installed on the target phone with the online account. Finally, when the app is installed you can instantly start with tracking.

NEXSPY dashboard

Features of NEXSPY

  • The software cannot be detected

The software comes with an invisibility feature. This will be helping with the tracking app to go completely unnoticed by the target phone user. Even if they are well aware of their phone using the software will be ensuring that there are no revelations. So it will be providing you all of the information that you need while remaining undetected by the target phone user.

  • Tracking text messages and calls

The tracker will also allow you for keeping a record of all calls. This includes incoming and outgoing calls as well. You will not just have access to the SMS that is sent from the phone and received but all of the media and images through them can also be accessed from the account.

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NEXSPY dashboard 1
  • Complete access to famous social media apps

We all are aware that most of the interactions that we have in present times are through social media apps. These conversations might be through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.

The tracker application will be providing you complete access to the messages that are being sent. You will be able to read text messages from another phone and also the audio, video and photo files that are exchanged between the users through these social media applications.

  • Camera access

The best way for differentiating a good hidden android spy app with the others is that you get access to the front camera that is being monitored. So each time the user unlocks their phone the tracker will be able to take pictures without any realization of the user that they are being clicked. This will also help you to understand that the phone is being used by a specific person as well.

  • Notification for replacement of SIM card

The app will also be tracking the device on target in case the SIM card is replaced. Also, whenever the sim card will be changed you will have a notification for the change being made. This allows you with the tracking without any disturbance and all times even after the SIM card gets changed.

Pricing of NEXSPY

There are so many amazing features that this software provides you. You are free to choose any that you like and make an upgrade as well. And for making the purchase customizable to your requirements, there are three more packages that they have to offer:

The personal package is perfect in case you need to monitor one device and will be pocket-friendly where you pay $39 a month. Secondly, there is also a three month and yearly package for this that costs $87 and $228 per year if you wish to use the services for a longer period of time.


Then there is a family package that will help you to keep track of the online activities of your employees or children at a time.

As per the NEXSPY reviews that we have given above, it is clear that the software is the best deal you can get when compared to the features being provided.

Till now the app has been used on over twelve million devices. Of course, it is a trustable software that can immensely help your business or keep a keen watch on your children, making sure they are away and safe from any kind of trouble.

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You can see that for yourself, and try it for a month and see how you like it, and if you need it to use it just for some time, again the perfect option.


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