How to See Someone’s iMessage Without Them Knowing?

When you are purchasing mobile phones, you essentially have two options – Android or iPhone. A lot of people would opt for Android and give inclination to iPhone. This might be because of the iMessage feature that’s available in Apple products. Text messages have become one of the cheapest ways of communicating with anyone and its transmission speed is also unmatched.


A lot of people wish to know if there is any way they can see someone’s iMessage and though there are so many causes why one might want to check on the iMessages of others, we can assume that no one is having a treacherous plan for doing so. Further, there are a lot of concerned parents out there who wish to be agreeing that their kids are safe using various instant messaging applications like Line, Kik, iMessage, and the likes. Then there are employers who wish to know if their office devices are not handled improperly, and so on.

Whatever their reason, this guide will tell you how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

Is it possible to see someone’s message without them knowing it?

Even though people are still using text-messaging services, various instant messaging applications like Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Snapchat is still on the rise amongst smartphone users.

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These applications allow you to enjoy fast messaging capacity and that’s for free. All that you need to do is to have mobile data or internet connection. Many smartphone users carry data plan and hence there’s a rapid increase in the number of users of the applications.


It might be possible that your child is very much engrossed in messaging through these applications that may be a reason of concern for you. Imagine yourself having the capacity to monitor all the chats and messages that your kids are exchanging with various people.

Various spy applications, specifically the iMessage spy apps can do this now! In fact, there is a lot of features available in the iPhone text message hack or spy applications that may let you track all the activities of your kids.

iMessage spy app: it is all that you need!

It is iMessage that we’re talking about eavesdropping on. iMessage chats are actually encrypted and there is no way for anyone to hack into or decrypt them. Nonetheless, you might be able to use an iPhone spy app that is better than checking into your employees or child’s phone uninvited.

How to spy on iPhone text messages? An iMessage spying application allows you to check all the sent and received iMessages remotely on an iPad or iPhone. With any dependable mobile monitoring application that allows iMessage spying, it is really possible to look into someone’s iMessage whenever necessary. Nonetheless, this might first need setting the application upon the target device.


One of the best iPhone spy apps to use is NEXSPY. As a matter of fact, NEXSPY has the capacity to record and keep track of iMessage. This includes the name and number of the sender, as well as the time and date of receiving and sending the messages. If you want to know how to get someone’s iMessages sent to your phone, you can use the NEXSPY spy application in doing it!

Ways to spy on iMessage

There are actually two ways that you can spy on iMessage – let’s discuss them!

You can jailbreak an iOS device

If you know how to jailbreak an iPad or iPhone, you simply just install an iMessage spying or monitoring application on it. Nonetheless, not all iOS devices might be jailbroken. For example, there is no jailbreak for iOS 10 or iOS 11 as of the moment.


Moreover, there are also some reports that 55% of iOS devices are now running on iOS 11. It is also revealed that 76% of the iOS devices were also running iOS 10, particularly in January of the year 2017 – when there was still no iOS 11.

This just means that if your target device is running on iOS 9 or lower, then you’re lucky enough. If not, then there is no way for you to installing a third-party application on the phone.

You cannot jailbreak an iOS device

How to spy on a cell phone without installing software on target phone? In case the target device is running on the later version of the Apple iOS, then there is no way that you would be able to jailbreak it. The only bet you have is resorting to an iMessage spy app that does not need any download, installation or looks for an app on the App Store.

Nonetheless, based on what we know, there is no such application. So what resort you are left only with now is an iMessage spy app that can work without jailbreak.

How to spy on iMessage without jailbreak?

Companies who’ve been making monitoring or spying applications have found the way on spying iMessage on iPhones without the need to jailbreak it. This particular method, however, requires the iCloud credentials of the target person.


Once you already have it, you may simply pair them with the iMessage spy application, so that anything which may be uploaded to the iCloud of the target, you may be able to access it – without them, knowing it. Not only that, but you will also have a separate copy of everything that you can save to an offsite setting.

What do we suggest?

It is very important to understand the proper use of iMessage spy applications to avoid putting yourself in trouble. Monitoring applications, which allow iMessage spying, commonly need taking the legal consent of the person whose device you may want to spy on. The exception to the rule is when you are going to monitor your child or employees’ phones. But if your main intention is to spy, you better be smart and careful.If you want to hack someone’s iMessage, be sure that you do not only stick with the iMessage spying app. It isn’t just the iMessage that people use to chat with others, there are a lot of IM applications now (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.). So it is always better that you get a monitoring app that can monitor them all – just like the NEXSPY app!

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