Select The Best Parental Control Software

The child learns from their teachers, parents, and society. The society is nowadays influenced by the internet and every child is learning through the sites they visit. The easy access to the internet and the digital ways to connect with each other is a blessing for the users. In the past few decades, there has been a rapid increase in the websites and the content displayed by them is viewable by everyone.

There are age restrictions on certain websites but policing is not that strict. Your child is also using a number of sites that are a means of learning and a way to explore the world. The parent is always concerned because there are gambling and porn sites easily accessible.

This may have an adverse impact on the child. The good news for them is that the best parental control software is available for them to monitor the activities of their child on the internet. As a parent, you are not invading on their privacy rather it is your duty to do policing on the usage of your child on the internet.

Smartphone and Your Child

The world is occupied with Android handsets and the access to the internet through Smartphone is quite easy. As such the child can access any information on the internet with convenience. The content-control software makes sure the parent can track the child’s whereabouts and know what they are accessing on their handset. There are internet filters that give the users an authority to block the unintended sites and restrict the same.

There is a number of reasons for blocking the same. There is parental control software that is specifically designed for the android users and they help the parent in achieving the required. Policing or monitoring the sites a child is visiting is evident in current times as there is numerous type of content available. The policing on the sites may include:

• Sites with pornography
• Controversial religious and political sites
• Sites with malware, viruses, and spyware
• Gambling websites
• Immoral and inappropriate news content
• Inappropriate chartrooms

Android-based parental software

Best parental control software is not easy to find as there are multiple options available for the users. The parent can research on software that is most commonly used by people. The widely used apps and software are the most trusted ones. Below are a few of the software that works great on the Android handsets and is safe to use.

Mobile Guardian

This app is developed for the smartphone and tablet users and the platforms in which it is available are iOS devices, Android and Blackberry. The following are the features of the app:

• Blocks inappropriate websites
• Prevents incognito mode
• Start and finish times of web surfing is noted
• The camera can be disabled to prevent sexting
• Email alerts when the child engages in nefarious activity
• Whereabouts of the device can be accessed
• Free 7 day trial for the users
• Simple log in to start with the app

There are numerous features that the parent may find useful and they can access their control over the activities of their child.

My Mobile Watchdog

The interface of this app is easy to use and the dashboard comprises plenty of things on display. The Parent Dashboard of the app gives the charge to the parent. One can have complete details of the activity their child is doing on the internet and can restrict them in doing so. The app is available for iOS and Android users. The dashboard allows the parent to:

• View texts and photos
• Switch apps on and off
• An easy view on the contact history
• Block unwanted websites
• Alerts to specific contacts as desired
• Free trial of 14 days for the user

This is one of the best parental control software available in the market due to the dashboard feature. The trial version gives the parent an option to try the app and check the benefits the app claims to offer.


This app works great for Android and iOS users. The app is specifically designed to trace the speed of the vehicle the child is in. this is a special feature that helps the parent to know whether the child is traveling safely or not. The alerts are quite quick and the parent can check other signs of cyberbullying. The new friend request or any new activity in the social media sites of the child can be easily monitored by the app. It is displayed in a way of ticks. There are a free option and a premium one for the users. As a parent yo0u can utilize the premium option of the app by paid subscription for the same. If you are concerned about the driving habits of your child, this is the best parental control software.


This app works for only Android devices and has multiple features to offer. It is one of the most easily accessible apps. The features include:
• Monitor a child’s activity anytime
• One can set schedules and time limits for viewing
• Block anything that the parent finds inappropriate
• There is an option to pause the device
• Free in most scenarios

Parental Control Available On Mac And PC

There are numerous apps available and selecting the best parental control android software depends on the utility of the parent. Apart from Android devices, the parent can use various apps and software on Mac as well as PC. The features usually cover the same aspects as already discussed. One needs to go to the user settings of the device to make any changes in the software. Set up a user profile and choose “Managed With Parental Controls”. There are multiple options available and the user has to tick on the ones they want to access.

No matter what the device is; if you want to restrict your child from viewing any sites or content; choose any of the above apps. The parent has the option to utilize the free version for trial.