3 Ways to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Eavesdropping someone’s phone without permission is illegal. But, using a spy app due to parental control and employee monitoring is permissible. To spy on text messages is to download a useable spy app.


There are lots of ways to do the undercover work provided by technology development. It costs from cheap to highly expensive, depending on the prepared budget.

How to spy iPhone text messages?

Among the countless ways of how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. All of the necessary features and how to’s are to be discussed below. Let’s get it started!

NEXSPY – IPhone spy app

The app’s mission is to help parents to monitor the kids’ safety online. Children are very prone to terrible online stories now in the digital world. It is professional-grade monitoring software for Androids, iOS, PC, and Mac.

There is currently a 50% off lifetime discount to get a premium license and have access to the app. It includes all premium features such as monitoring call logs, web history, and intercept text messages. Check out the pricing range you can choose for. Just provide an authentic email address for more purchasing updates.


Install the NEXSPY app to the targeted iPhone running in a compatible iOS version. Find out the compatibility list to make things sure. Beforehand, jailbreak the target iPhone following the provided instructions on the internet. It takes 18 total steps to install the software within 10-minutes finally.

You can now start viewing the monitored data from the account portal. Just make sure the iPhone is connected to the internet because if not, the NEXSPY server will not work. The app monitors all incoming, outgoing, and even deleted messages to be viewed on your portal account. You can see someone’s iMessage without them knowing

What we loved

  • Wide range of features 
  • Great price and discounts
  • Thanks to its step-by-step procedure 
  • Personally see the monitored messages on the account portal

iPhone Recovery Stick

Deleted data on iPhones are difficult to retrieve without using a particular device. It may contain unnecessary information that could harm your loved one using the target iPhone. In this way, recovering data is possible, which enhances the protection upon the user.

We are talking about the iPhone recovery stick, which works in a very convenient way. It costs not more than $200 and is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices. Its primary function is to monitor and recover deleted messages, email accounts, contacts, and many more.


This is usually used by forensic investigators worldwide for over 15 years. It quickly scans the targeted iPhone without leaving any proof. The period of scanning depends on the phone’s storage capacity but mostly about 10-minutes until fully scanned.

It takes three connections to make the device work. The first is to connect the iPhone to a USB port of a computer running on Windows 2003, 2000, XP, or Vista. And then, plug in the recovery stick on the USB port of the same computer. The recovery process only lasts up to 15-minutes depending on the amount of to-be-recovered data.

Thus, the iPhone Recovery Stick is useful in controlling and recovering deleted files on your phone. Even the hidden ones are prone to be retrieved.

What we loved

  • Very easy and convenient to use 
  • It lets you spy even the deleted messages 
  • Excellent work of recovery 
  • No proof being left in the computer
  • Can find hidden files

Apple ID

How can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? Almost all people will love this way because of its cost-effectiveness. But, is it as effective as the first and second ways?

Anyways, Apple has an operating system that hardly accepts spy software unless the device is jailbroken. But, it is possible by using an Apple ID to secretly monitor iPhone text messages which do not require jailbreaking.

Setting up is the most challenging part of this spy-way for it takes a fast-hand to get the Apple ID of the targeted iPhone. Be careful. You might get caught after physically having access to the iPhone.


First, go to the targeted iOS device’ Settings. Then, log in to iCloud while using the Apple ID and password. If the device asks to be merged, accept and combine it. Then, there’ll be options to select with the parts you want to monitor. It includes emails, photos, contacts, and messages.

To be able to spy the messages, you need to enable the iMessage on the message settings by entering the Apple ID and password of the device. Wait until it logs in and you can freely monitor only the selected to be followed.

In this way, the undercover agent is able to do many things aside from spy on iPhone text messages. The targets have no idea they are being kept an eye on. This must be the most straightforward way yet easy to set up and given freeway.

What we loved

  • No need for jailbreaking
  • Very easy to use 
  • More secured spying 
  • Syncing feature 
  • Can choose which part of the devices is to be monitored

The bottom line: Best ways to spy on iPhone

Tracking down iPhone text messages cannot be quickly done without the help of the best iPhone spy app. There are text messages you don’t need to spy due to legal purposes. However, time will come that you’ll crave for spying text messages and a particular app is necessary. Make sure the app you’ll be using is legal and user-friendly to bring out smooth undercover work.

What matters most is to assure the safety of your loved ones by keeping your full eye on them, particularly on their iPhones. The mentioned iPhone spy apps are safe to use. The truth is most expert hackers are using the above ways, which proves its goodness and effectiveness to spy messages on iPhone.

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I hope this article helps you out in deciding which way you’ll apply in this chaos. You can tap the comment section below to ask and to recommend other ways. Thank you for reading!


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